Who are we?

Having started in the Electronics and Computer Industry in 1980, we have enough overview over what is going on, what is hip and what is not.
This business was officially launched started in 1993 and we are always striving to give the optimum output for minimum input to all or customers. Further more are we also constantly busy improving on our already high standard.
We like to give special attention to detail and a new meaning to usability and ease of use and have a unique way of installing and setting up PC Systems.
We are glad to also add more than just a little touch of German thoroughness.
We are trying to be ironing out problems from before they even start and that is what people like in our approach on technology, even when some of them will not actually find any differences in workability and effectivity of their PC, especially.

All our customers and supporters know they can get reliable and sound advice on current and future computer and related technology.

For more information on our detailed Services and Product Range please have a look on the respective pages.

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