Linux / Ubuntu / Zorin OS vs. Windows

Did you know what is another KILLER for Windows?

- When the people finally wake up to the POWER of it!

Please Note (A little background info):
Linux, Ubuntu or ZorinOS can all be installed on an external HDD (Hard Disc Drive) then taken to any PC and booted via an USB Port - on any PC/Laptop with or without Internet access, anywhere in the world - and it would run, just like you are used to work at home!

That is power !!

- Windows would not even boot up and just tell you the HARDWARE has changed or is not compatible - due to License Infringements !!


Another Tip:

If you want to try out a FREE Operating System, like Linux or Ubunu, please start with ZorinOS, as that has a Windows (XP and 7) look-alike desktop graphics interface.
The Image File (ISO, which needs to be burned to a DVD), is about 2GB in size, and comes with many free and payable programs out of the box. You can then install more or remove them by selecting them directly. Very easy !
- ZorinOS (9.1), now also has Firefox and LibreOffice pre-installed, ready to use !

- - - TAKE CARE ! - - -