Creating a bootable USB Stick for Linux/Ubuntu under Windows

Why create a bootable USB Drive/Stick?

  • When you have problems with your CD or DVD Writer.
  • When have no blank CDs or DVDs at hand.
  • If you do not want to waste a CD or DVD for a quick Test.

Download the Software to transfer the ISO file you want to install to the USB Drive to boot from later.

Various Software is available under Windows to do the conversion from an ISO file to a bootable USB Drive

Download the Linux/Ubuntu/ZorinOS Operating System of your Choice

Create a bootable USB Drive from the downloaded (Image File) ISO file

Just execute the downloaded Creation Software to create your bootable USB Drive and select the correct ISO file and USB Drive to get this done.

Good Luck!

Another Tip would be …

to install various Operating Systems to just as many USB Drives/Sticks, so you can have various Operating Systems at Hand for testing and use. Using a 32GB Stick or larger would even give you some DATA Space on the drive, too. ;-)