Spanish School ditches Windows for Ubuntu

Spanish School ditches Windows for Ubuntu


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I hope ALL SCHOOLS would follow Suite and be more secure and save thousands in Software Fees and Upgrade Costs !!

Linux, Ubuntu and ZorinOS are all very strong contenders against the Microsoft Empire and can to things you would never be able to do with an Windows Setup ….
- That is installing it on an external Hard Disc Drive and taking it places, booting virtually any PC or Laptop (using the 32-bit Operating System) or any 64-bit PC or Laptop (using the 64-bit Operating System Variant)

Ubuntu have a special School/Educational Version available !!

The installation ISO Image of ZorinOS (9.1) was actually written for people migrating from Windows - with a Windows-look alike GUI (Graphics User Interface) and comes ready to use, packed with many Browsers, like Firefox and Chrome, Thunderbird - the Mozilla eMail Program, as well as LibreOffice, which is MS Office compatible and ideal for Word Processing (Writer), Spreadsheets (Calc), Presentations (Impress) and Drawings (Draw).

- This is all available COMPLETELY FOR FREE and in various Languages and at least just as many Spelling Checkers and Dictionaries.
- Can be used for private and business !!

TAKE CARE and go Linux / Ubuntu or ZorinOS, it is always worth a try!
Download the ISO Installation & Live Test DVD today, burn the ISO Image to a DVD which is bootable and test it !!

The LIVE Test will just install a few scratch pad files on your Hard Disc Drive, which can easily be deleted when you are done testing !


* Linux
* Ubuntu Linux (
* Zorin OSZorin OS 9.1 is out !!! — Live & Installation DVD (ISO image format).
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