Software Developer Problems with New Features & Techniques

Firefox V29

Seeing the Firefox Scenario from a developer's view point, must not easy, as the developers want to move on to newer features & techniques and are introducing them, with newer releases.

However I also do see a problem with the users who like the optics and settings of 'their' unique Firefox settings the way they had it.

The problem now is for the developers, to either progress ahead, or stay and lag behind, which none of them would like doing.

By looking at all the inputs on the Firefox Facebook page, there are many users who are totally frustrated with the way that Firefox V29 was introduced and basically without any prior warning about the new features at all.
- Users were literally thrown in at the deep end and told to swim.
(This makes users feel insecure.)

Either Mozilla Firefox would find an effective way to introduce a new version and telling more about the new features introduced and the problems these might cause, before the users are actually installing the new software release, or they should give precise guidelines with the installation to be able to revert and override settings during or after installation!
- This would greatly support the user base, too and leave them feel at ease and not taken out onto the ice!
- NEXT TIME, please include a YouTube Video, and show the new features, so people can understand what is new when you make such drastic changes.

Why not bring in the extra features as an Add-On?
Would they not be practical, of is that not a viable option for the needed functions not being available to other system resources while using Firefox?

- - -

How do the other USERS and Firefox Developers
… feel about this ??

= = = Some STATISTICS: = = =

Having just looked at the Size Increase of Firefox over the last Versions:
Firefox Setup 16.0.exe = 17.6MB
Firefox Setup 20.0.exe = 20.5MB
Firefox Setup 22.0.exe = 22.0MB
Firefox Setup 26.0.exe = 23.3MB
Firefox Setup 27.1.exe = 23.9MB
Firefox Setup 29.0.exe = 28.2MB