How to DOWNLOAD Videos from YouTube and other websites


Download YouTube Videos as MP4 and/or FLV:

Anyone wanting to DOWNLOAD YouTube Videos using Firefox, please install the following Add-On, which will install a DOWNLOAD-button on every YouTube Video Page: helper all-in-1 / youtube downloader:

Alternatively you can use helper all-in-1 / youtube downloader, to download YouTube Videos and other files directly from their Link.

Using a Download Manager:

As Firefox starts all downloads as they are created, it will fill up your available bandwidth relatively fast, especially if you have a slow line (like we here in South Africa).
If you need more control over your line speed and still want to do some other work along side your Internet DOWNLOADS, I'd strongly recommend to OFFLOAD your DOWNLOADS to a dedicated Download Manager, like "FDM" (Free Download Manager).
You can even configure it as needed and have 3 different SPEED Presets to set up: low - medium - high, which are available at the click of a mouse, as needed !
- You can even choose the loading (of the download) in % and how many simultaneous downloads you want to allow.
FDM, can even shut down your PC when all downloads are done, too!

The unique Accelerator Feature of Download Managers:

FDM also accelerates (speeds up) the downloads, by starting downloads from multiple sections of a single file, assembling it on the hard disk drive to one complete unit, effectively using the line speed allocation as laid down in the selected preset.

FDM can directly download (selected or all videos from) a YouTube Play Lists:

  1. Input YouTube playlist link, by clicking on the blue +.
  2. FDM will browse and list the playlist.
  3. You can then select which videos to download or download all.
  4. Selected Videos go to download list.

- - - Got this tip from the Internet, but could not yet succeed to get it going as is described. - - -


The above Firefox Add-Ons should also work for Opera and will also work together with FDM, too.

Google Chrome:

… would need another Add-On, though !
(I am not using Google Chrome, sorry.)

MS Internet Explorer:

… would need another Add-On, though !
(I am not using Internet Explorer, sorry.)