Firefox V29 User Interface (UI) - Revert to V28 UI or before

For all who don't like the new Firefox User Interface (UI) look from V29 and up.

These changes have come with the latest Version of Firefox (V29) from Tuesday, the 29th of April.

How you can now revert back to the old look of V28 and before:

How to proceed:

It is not so difficult !

  1. After the Installation and start of Firefox V29, or later (Release Date: Tue, 29 April 2014):
  2. Go to the Classic Theme Restorer (Firefox Add-Ons) page, as directed.
  3. Download the Add-On and install it.
  4. Thereafter Firefox will have to restart, to load the installed software.
  5. Then click on Tools and select Classic Theme Restorer.

I will ask the developer to make it possible to export and import the settings, so it would be easier to share settings with other users.
In that way you could save the settings before changing them and restore them quickly and easily when you made a mistake!


  1. Do not install this add-on on pre-Australis Firefox (V4 - V28).
    It is not intended to be used with older versions and will certainly break some parts of the UI or not work correctly at all.
  2. This add-on was made for browsers default theme and will certainly break parts of the UI especially tabs, if used along with Firefox themes or Personas, but additional buttons and their options could work fine (untested!).

Here is another Option: