Create your very own Cloud Server !!

Why not get yourself your very own Cloud Server?

That is basically an external HDD (Hard Disc Drive), that is connected to a router, via an USB connection or a standalone Network HDD via a RJ45 Ethernet/LAN port.
- Then you would just have to set it all up to be accessible from outside and you an store all your files & pictures there and would not even have to download it later. Just do not forget to back it all up from time to time !!

If you want to go a little bigger there are Network HDDs available with 2 and more HDDs, which are using RAID 1 Mirroring to duplicate your data across 2 (or more) HDDs to be safer in case of a HDD failure !
- Please note: Virus attacks would be written to both HDDs though, as well as hack attacks and malicious DELETING of data!


Even a slow old PC could serve this purpose, if you would revamp it using Linux, Ubuntu or ZorinOS as Operating System (on an older smaller HDD) and adding additional (larger) HDDs for Data Storage - even Mirroring is also possible, depending on the Hardware & Software setup.