Our Services

This is only a Guideline to what we can do or offer, as we are very flexible, so please ask for any specific need you might have, so we can advise you.

We source only from the legal chain of suppliers and select our products carefully according to our real life experiences on reliability and usability we will recommend certain manufacturer's products above other. We will still be able to supply the goods you want, but caution you on some due to quality or reliability issues or even factory faults.

Data Backup and Recovery

We will help and advise you with your Data Backup and System Recovery in case of a Virus Attack, HDD1 Failure or Total System Crash.

  • Backup of your valuable Data to DVD (±4.5GB) or BluRay Disc (±25GB)
  • Backup of your valuable Data to a new or external HDD or other device
  • Virus Removal & System Reloading Reinstalling, as necessary
  • Data Recovery - Recovering your lost Data, as far as possible
  • Data Disaster Recovery - Out of house specialized Data Disaster Recovery, with rebuilding of Hard Disc Drive in a clean room in case that is needed for the recovery.

- A good DATA BACKUP is always better then the best DATA RECOVERY! — Just like PREVENTION is better than CURE !

PC Customer Support

This is a free service and is included in the PC and System Maintenance Plans by default (from 1 September 2011).

Networking and Cabling (incl. of Splicing of Optic Fibre Cables)

10/100/1000 Mbps, 1/10 Gbps RJ45 CAT5/5e/6/7 incl. Optic Fibre
and 11/54/108/125/150/300/450/600/900/1200/1300/1500/1750/1900/2100 Mbps W-LAN and up - but from an ETHICAL POINT OF VIEW and the HEALTH PROBLEMS going together with such WIRELESS DEVICES, we do not install such equipment, without a written disclaimer having been signed by the customer, having fully understood the DANGERS and that we will not be held liable in any respects to your health and safety from any WIRELESS EQUIPMENT we installed, after telling you they are NOT SAFE TO USE or even be in their CLOSE PROXIMITY!!
— Nobody can deny the FACTUAL TRUTH any longer, but they can just HIDE it and cover it all up!
Please refer to the following FACTS, at: EMFscientist.org

  • Connecting all your PCs (and printers) together in a network is the first step for interoperability.
  • There after we can expand and get your network on the Internet giving each PC Internet access, too.
  • Adding various additional and interesting network options is just another feature filled add-on we can help you to store and share and view your gathered information.
  • Design and Layout of Data Networks
  • adding Web Cams and Security Cameras with or without HDD Video Recording Functions

With a small additional cost NETWORKING of PCs and related equipment (Printers, Scanners, All-in-One and Multi-Function Machines, WebCams, IP-Cams, Data Storage (NAS2) and Time Attendance / Clock Machines and more is possible.

  • Fibre Converters can be used to bridge longer distances or in environments with lots of electromagnetic noise.

Please note:
We do not recommend the use of W-LAN, Wi-Fi and WiMAX, as it is not safe for data security or for your and your family's health.

For more HEALTH related information on this specific topic, please see:

Internet Access and complete Internet Support

  • We will be able to offer you the most suitable Internet Service for your current needs with full upgradability in the future.
  • We will do the total roll out inclusive of sourcing an ADSL line and suitable ADSL connection and help you to get the mist enjoyment out of your Internet Service
  • We also handle the first line of maintenance in case you should have any hiccups !

Customer Login:

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Website Design & Web Hosting

Web Design:

  • Various Web Designs, Layouts and Services are available

Web Design / Website Examples

Live Examples of some work we have done you can find HERE.

  • Flexibility by Design, as far as possible is taken into consideration.
    • Basic Website Designs start as low as R 600 - R 900 for the basic site with 5 - 9 pages, depending on the additional Add-On Features.
      A fully fledged website in average works out to about R 1200 - R 1600, or more, depending on the work and coding needed.
      * We do most of the work in-house and will be able to trim it to your current and future requirements. Existing Facebook and Twitter Accounts can be included and joined up, too - or new ones created!
    • We can turn out a fully working website with in 2 - 5 days or over a weekend, depending on the selected design and features, as well as our work load on other projects.
    • We can also create Graphics Designs and Logos or make use of your own Pictures and Designs
    • We are customer orientated and driven. That means we are capable of tailoring a website to the customers needs and requirements. Matching the themes and colour of existing logos and company styles - unless you want a serious make-over !
    • We are here to listen, advise, support and implement so that your ideas can be turned into reality.
    • Thinking up new and interesting things is one of our strong points, too.
    • On request we will also train you to, to be able to maintain your own website yourself. You determine how far you want to go digging into your Website, we will stand by you and guide you, as much as necessary or is requested for the task at hand. You can do all the changes and updates and we can just go and do the final touch-ups and do the wrapping and final packaging.

Website Integration Options available:

The following Website Integration Options are available:

  • Page Counters to count the visitors on your website
  • Discussion Forum Integration (into Website)
  • Polls (Questionnaires) Integration (into Website)
  • Chat Room Integration (into Website)
  • Interoperability by linking to Twitter
  • Interoperability by linking to Facebook

Other Options available:

* Website Design Courses are available on request.
* These Courses will he helpful if the customer decides to maintain the website by himself/herself.

Web Hosting:

  • various Web Hosting options are available, inclusive of Domain Registrations
    • Various Hosting Packages are available from as low as R 35 per month, depending on traffic and space requirements
    • Website Hosting in South Africa, USA and Germany is available/offered.


Domain Names:
  • Registration of Domain Names for a website
    Registrations with Search Engines is additional, as far as not already included in the selected Package Deal.
Search Engines:
  • Registration with Search Engines
    Registrations with Search Engines is additional, as far as not already included in the selected Package Deal.
Other Internet Add-On Services
  • Further Services are additional, as far as not already included in the selected Package Deal.

Graphics Design and Logo Design

If you are not not already in possession of a Logo or Graphics Design which is to be used on the website, we can design it and make it up for you.
To round off your online presence, we can also design and layout your stationary with the same looks, identifying your concept and design, ready to be rolled out.

  • Business Cards
  • Letterheads
  • Flyers
  • Stationery (Invoice Books and Quotation Forms, etc.)

Printing Service

Printing of the created Documentation and Business cards is available, where applicable

Electronic Data Processing (EDP)

  • Design and Creation of Computer Documents/Files for your Company's Communication Needs
    • Word Processing Document Layouts (Letterheads and Envelopes)
    • Spreadsheet Layouts (Invoices and Quotes)
    • Presentation Layouts (Presentations and Talks)

Document Scanning and Archiving Service

The scanning of various pages and documents and storing these to external HDD (Hard Disk Drive), USB Stick, CD, DVD or BluRay Discs, as required.

  • Documents
  • loose pages from Lever Arch files
  • old family photos (scan only)
  • old family photos (scan and reconstruct / retouching, photo editing)
  • scanning of slides
  • scanning of negative film strips (direct scanning, without the need to have pictures printed first)

DIGITIZING and Transferring of Audio and Video Material to CD, DVD or BluRay or other

  • Records 33, 45 and 78 RPM
  • Reel-to-Reel Tapes
  • Compacts Cassettes (CC)
  • VHS Tapes
  • C-VHS Tapes (Compact VHS)
  • 8mm Video Tapes
  • Hi8 Video Tapes
  • D8 Video Tapes

Home Entertainment Systems (Multi Channel & Multi Room)

We can assist in selecting, supply and fully install various Home Entertainment systems and configure them for your individual needs, to get the optimum and maximum benefits out of them.

Alternatively we can advise and rearrange your current System to get the maximum benefit and optimum Sound in your room.
(Anybody can sell a system but the correct installation and optimal placement is the crux of the matter! The chain is as good as its weakest link.)

  • Hi-Fi Systems (CD/DVD Players, Amplifier and Speakers)
  • Home Video Systems (TV, CD/DVD/BlyRay Players/Recorders, Amplifier and Speakers)
  • DSTV (Digital Satellite TV) System Installation and Upgrading (incl. advice for selecting the correct system for your needs)
  • Home Theatre and Surround Sound Systems (Full integration of all your Sound and Video equipment, up to 7.2 channel and more)
  • DVD Players
  • DVD Recorders
  • BluRay Players
  • Video Projectors
  • we will also help you plan and design your own unique HTPC (Home Theatre PC) Setup, with the needed Storage, with and without Video Recording and (Non-Linear) Video Editing Functions and then build it all up and commission it for you.

CCTV and IP Security Systems

We have a wide choice of available products and will find the most suitable for your specific need.
We can advise, supply and install fully fledged Security Systems, with and with out Internet access and remote monitoring and alarm features.

CCTV Security System (analogue)

  • inclusive of Digital recording on a DVR)
  • with and with out Internet access and remote monitoring and alarm features.
  • with or without IR (Infra-Red) / Night Vision Cameras

IP Security System (digital)

  • inclusive of Digital recording on a DVR)
  • with and with out Internet access and remote monitoring and alarm features.
  • with or without IR (Infra-Red) / Night Vision Cameras