News 2011-07

2011-07-01, Fri:
This WIKI Website was created/started with the South African CONSUMER in mind.

2011-07-12, Tue:
JMPD (Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department) seizes wire and bead sheep from the Bang & Olufsen Office Premises in Johannesburg, because of 'illegal trading'.

2011-07-13, Wed:

2011-07-14, Thu: MXit holds its own

2011-07-18, Thu: IBM donates the open source code of its Symphony open source office suite to the non-profit Apache Software Foundation.

2011-07-24, Sun: Yet 2 more Cops have been shot in South Africa. This time on the N3 towards Heidelberg. (1 dead and 1 seriously injured, which brings the total Cops killed to over 40 for this year.)

2011-07-24, Sun: Snow in Queenstown.

2011-07-25, Mon: Van Reenen's Pass closed, due to snow

2011-07-26, Tue: Van Reenen's Pass still closed, due to snow. The Army has now been called-in to help dozens of stranded people on the N3.

2011-07-29, Fri: Donation drive raises R2m for murdered cops' families
Source: Eyewitness News (2011-07-29, 19:00)

A donations drive for the police’s Widows and Orphans Fund saw more than R2 million being pledged in just over 12 hours on Friday.

In the spirit of Lead SA, Talk Radio 702, 567 CapeTalk, 94.7 Highveld Stereo and 94.5 Kfm appealed to people to pledge money to help the families of officers killed in the line of duty.

Cellphone giants Vodacom and MTN both pledged R100,000.

MTN’s Ryan Gold said, “It’s very important to give back where we can and especially for a cause like this where people have been murdered in the line of duty. Their families are kind of left to pick up the pieces – it’s a very emotional situation.”