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MeWe is the world's safest social network, where your personal information is private.
There is no spying, tracking, or stalking in our site.
Easily share what you want with the people you want, and enjoy our many great features.

Need or want a SAFE Social Network Environment

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Your personal information and content is yours, not ours.
We do not spy on you, track your data, or share your information.


MeWe lets you share anything – photos, videos, voice messages, editable documents, mail, chat, and more.
Capture your entire world or just a moment in time.

Next Generation

Our unique permission controls let you decide who can see your content, preventing creepy strangers and 'friends of friends' from peeking.
You can even make yourself invisible to other members if you want.


MeWe delivers awesome features so you can stay connected to your friends, family, and world.
Communicate 1:1 and in private groups.
You even get your own personal cloud storage with breakthrough content controls for saving content you've already shared.