Interesting Software

Selected FREE Software (Freeware)

FREE Software is not always bad, but it is free !!

… but please be careful and read the instructions anyway, before downloading, installing and using.

Anti-Virus Software:

Office Software: (OpenSource Software - widely MS Office compatible)

Text Editing / Programming & Coding Tools:

  • Notepad++ This Editing Tools understands various Natural Languages and Computer Languages and is also customisable. Text Editing and Programming - for scripting and coding

Internet Tools:


  • Firefox - Secure and fast, customizable !!
  • Opera - A stable Firefox derivative, customizable

Browser Add-Ins:

  • Firefox Add-Ins - Customize your Browser with many extra Tools and Features !!
Browser Add-Ins (Suggestions):
  • NoScript The best security you can get in a web browser! Allow active content to run only …
  • Fotofox - Drag, drop and arrange pictures adding photo titles, and create albums by multi-selecting photos, and then upload to one of a selection of online photo services - all of this without interrupting your Internet browsing.

Monitoring Tools:

Network Monitor:
  • NetMeter - keeps track of your data volume (Downloads/Uploads) and keeps daily, weekly and monthy totals as well as calculated estimates for the day/month.


  • Orbit Downloader - A fast Downloader that can open multiple threads of the downloadable folder to speed up the download. You can also set a pre-determined Download Speed, so that you can still work in the foreground !!

Graphics / Photo Editing Software:

  • IrfanView (FREE for private use! - The ideal tool to edit & enhance your pictures, convert and create Slide Shows, Burn to CD/DVD and upload to the Internet in HTML format and more, conversions and file renaming numbering, inclusive Batch Processing. It is worth getting used to this great tool, even tough it might take some getting used to !!
  • - Please don't forget to also download and install the IrfanView Plug-Ins for even more features.

Audio / Video Software:

  • SUPER The best Audio and Video Converter I have come across - and all for FREE !!

Network Setup Manager: (FREE for private use!)

  • NetSetMan Quick and easy Network Setup Tool, all in one Window/Screen !!

Packers (ZIP Programs):

All the above Software was carefully selected and tested/used over several months - some of it for years.
The related software is to be used on your own risk and we are not to be held liable for any problems arising from the use whatsoever. Please read the instructions of the relative service/software providers.