PC Upgrade (from Socket 478 to Socket 1151)

Just installed ZorinOS 10 on the new hardware I got for a customer, who's 11 year old PC just stopped working this week and would not start up again - even after disconnecting EVERYTHING from the board except the PSU for motherboard & CPU - even removing all the RAM !!

- - - Some interesting Specifications & Tips - - -

The old hardware was:

The new hardware is:

The real BOOT TIME is quite slow, though:
- Since there are still the old IDE CD/DVD writers, which the motherboard does no longer support, we are still using the Promise 100TX Dual ATA/IDE Controller, which can connect 2 cables (thus 2x 2 drives max.).

BACKGROUND (for the Techies of you):

The customer had the choice to go for a Socket 1150 (Generation 4) or Socket 1151 (Generation 6) design.

Since the budget was limited we suggested a new Intel i3-4170 (3.7GHz) CPU instead of older i3-4370 (3.8GHz) and a mother board with 4 - 6 SATA3 (6Gbps), Gigabit LAN, USB3.0 and 4 memory slots with a max. of 32GB for upgradability and at least 1x 8GB to start off. Hardware RAID was an added Option, too!
- When we however checked out the new Socket 1151 motherboards we got drunk out of the sheer hight of these prices over 3x more than the selected motherboard, we had chosen as a 2nd Option (given above), as that was the cheapest Socket 1151 I could get and it had everything we needed for him except for Firewire, which we will have to add as a PCI card, when needed later, I also quoted him for this 2nd option, too!

Since there is no FUTURE UPGRADE PATH from a Socket 1150 design with DDR3 (1600MHz) RAM to a Socket 1151 Design with DDR4 (2133MHz) RAM, the extra Price was justified for him, as the performance is far better with the motherboard swallowing most of the extra cost and the memory the rest. The i3-6100 (3.7GHz) CPU was about in the range of the i3-4170 (3.7GHz).

Here is the more info of the following: