Computer Security

Computer Security can basically be divided in 2 Categories:

  1. Internal Threats (Attacks)
    • Accidental Deletes
    • Accidental Damage (Hardware Failure, like a Hard Drive Crash)
    • Malicious Damage
  2. External Threats (Attacks)
    • Giving out too much Information freely
    • Not closing Network Security (using Wireless Networks / WiFi/W-LAN)
    • Not using Firewalls
    • Not using Anti-Virus Software
    • Not keeping Anti-Virus Software up-to-date
    • Virus, Worm and Trojan Attacks and the Removal thereof.
    • Hacking Attacks

A very SPECIAL kind of threats are the VIRUS ATTACKS via the Internet and the HACKING ATTACKS, where the attacker could basically be sitting in front of any computer around the world, which is connected to the Internet.

Specialized Problems:

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